Friday, October 27, 2006

Red Pear,12 x 16, Acrylic on canvas

I wasn't going to post this painting mainly because it is painted in a much tighter style than I paint now, but I have very nice memories of working on this. It is one of the first paintings I attempted after I had my first child, she was sleeping and everything was quiet and peaceful.


Clive said...

Lovely; so is the one below. I bet the painting got looser when the child woke up!

Kellie Jobson said...

Thanks Clive, having a couple of kids around now has been the best thing for my painting. When I finally get a moment to paint [which is usually at night] I simply don't have the time to get all precious with it. I'm not very patient to fuss and spend hours on one piece, and as a result I think my work has gotten a lot looser and I'm more cofident with the brush. Whether or not this makes a more successful painting I don't know but I'm having more fun doing what I love.